Busy Start to the Week




Today was a big day! Little HATTIE got adopted to a wonderful family who has a friendly dog. She will have a big brother to grow up with. Hattie was a little scared at first, but then settled in and is happy to start her new life with her new family. 😃

After a quick stop for food pick up (one of our Board members is kind to store all the food for the dogs and cats in his garage), we went to one of the Pueblo’s to assess a situation we were called to. It was the usual/avoidable parvo outbreak. Parvo is largely preventable with a series of vaccinations starting at 6-8 weeks of age and given 3-4 weeks apart. This is a major issue we would like to see progress with at the Pueblos. Too many dogs/puppies are dying needless agonizing deaths and a simple vaccine could prevent this suffering.

Rabies vaccines are given gratis once per year by IHS — this is not enough. There needs to be education about other multiple diseases and preventive care to prevent diseases like parvo and distemper outbreaks and prevent all the tick born diseases we see on a regular basis as well. We are working very hard to accomplish this, but we do need sponsors to help us with tick prevention, vaccines to prevent outbreaks, and also donors to help us purchase testing supplies. If we have funds to purchase on our own, it will cost 1/4 the amount it currently costs us!🙏😱❤️

We also received several applications for kittens today. The Adoption Team will start reviewing them, contacting references and speaking to the applicants.

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