Drive, Drive, and More Drive

NM Scenery

A lot of driving when working between the Pueblos


Today was a fairly easy day. Picked up some items as small donations in Santa Fe and ABQ. It will cover a bunch of vaccines we have to purchase.

We picked up HARRY cat (kitten for adoption) and a tribal cat from the vet for spay/neuter via our Door2Door program.

Stopped by a family at one of the Pueblo’s who asked us to look at the puppies under their shed on their property from the neighbor’s unspayed female dog – they’re ready to be picked up. They need to be picked up within the next few days, but we have no foster family for them. We’re hoping a posting on Facebook asking for fosterers will bring someone who can help. Fostering puppies are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work – families who take them on are extra special in any rescue😀  Mom will be spayed once her milk dries.

There was a lot of driving today.

Hi Kitty ☺️

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