Emergency Fostering Needed – Puppies & Kittens


Adoption event planned for Saturday Growers Mrkt for puppies and possibly kittens. Robinson Park 8am – noon, Aug 12th. 8th & Central Abq πŸΆπŸ˜€

The social media ads for fostering have gotten lots of attention, likes and shares, but so far no one has offered to foster the litter of three puppies. So sad. Hopefully someone will step up to the plate so these puppies can be safe and placed. The current emergency fosterer is temporary for this litter and will only foster for a week, she is moving out of state. All other foster families are currently full. We have other litters of puppies and kittens waiting in line that need to come into the rescue asap – they need help. The need for fosterers is great. If we can’t pick them up exactly when we’re asked to take them……the animal could be left in deeper/greater danger 😱😞🐱🐢

This is just the normal day-to-day, hour-to-hour struggle in a rescue. We’ll try to have a happier post tomorrow!

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