Puppy Advice

When parents are considering adopting a child they make all sorts of preparations. A room is set aside and possibly the walls are covered with an appropriate wallpaper or paint, a supply of formula fills the pantry, baby bottles, toys and pacifiers are picked out, the baby’s doctor is selected, etc. You need to make the same preparations for the puppy, and think about the supplies you will need, and the new puppy’s activities, feeding, and health care check-ups. This puppy is now going to be a member of your family for the next 12-17 years.


Your puppy is going to need a room or at least a place he can call his own, and a cage, crate and/or dog bed will fill this bill. Even though you have a puppy, get a bed and/or crate for an adult dog – they will grow into it. The pup will need food and water bowls, toys to chew on and play with, a collar and leash, a bag of a good quality dry puppy food, and plenty of newspapers or training pads if you need to house-train.

Being with people the first day home

Leaving her foster family will probably bring about some anxiety. However, this can be greatly diminished if you plan your schedules so that you will be home with the puppy the first 3 to 4 days. Some authors suggest leaving the puppy alone and give her time to herself to adjust to the new surroundings. We disagree. In our homes, we plan for this introductory period by keeping the puppy involved with plenty of attention from family members – humans and pets. When we are not with the puppy, she is sleeping. You will be amazed how time spent in this manner will speed up the housebreaking process. If there are young children or those not familiar with how to handle puppies, you should spend some time with them during these first few days explaining common sense rules on how to play with the puppy.

Getting a health check

Keep the health records the rescue gives youand take them with you when you go for your first  veterinary visit.   

Feeding the puppy

The rescue will give you instructions on what the puppy has been eating. It is a good idea to continue feeding the same type and brand of food for at least a few days and then transition to another food if that’s your wish. Puppies need to be fed three times per day.