Freaky Friday


Freda adopted!❤️

Sweet FREDA!


FREDA started her adoption with a wonderful young couple in Los Alamos ❤️There is sweet Springer Spaniel in the family so she will have a nice big sister to comfort her during her transition away from her siblings.

Puppies are doing well, waiting for another adoption event on Saturday. Would you like to volunteer to help at the event? The pups will be bathed today in preparation for tomorrow’s event 🐶 We have water issues in town so hopefully that won’t impede on our puppy/dog bathing schedule. We posted a new social media video ad for fostering – praying people come forward to foster!

Today is Freaky Friday and we will have a severely busy day as Fridays typically are in the rescue – many dogs to attend to in 2 Pueblo’s. We’ll try to write an update tonight.

Are you having a Freaky Friday?!🐶🐱🤣

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