Rescue Friday

Marney is so beautiful she looks like a painting!


Although Friday signifies relaxation and being off work for most, Friday is the beginning of the busiest part of the week for rescuers and volunteers. All in all, today was pretty simple though.

Everybody is happy it’s cooler weather. We are preparing JILI for her Sunday adoption – her new parents are excited and waiting for her – they recently adopted Shiloh too!

We are also preparing kittens and mom for starting at a new foster home. A bigger place to run around and do kitten things. It’ll be exciting for Marney, Binx, Chipmunk, Figgy and Harry!

We introduced Taffy into the play group of Red and Lobo Boy today – it all worked out very well! Here’s an ‘instant family’ for someone looking to adopt three dogs 😀

Loads of greatness for the animals in need!


Lots of crates and food donated from the wonderful people of Colorado again – we were sorting, distributing and putting away all sorts of great things for the animals.

It will be a busy weekend.

Taffy is affectionate, social, and playful.

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