Surrender a Pet

So…you want to surrender your pet to Desert Paws Animal Rescue of New Mexico?

Please reconsider – their life is in your hands!

We’ve heard just about every reason for giving up a pet: moving…don’t have time…having a child…allergies…shedding…barking…health problems…behavioral problems…the list goes on. The reality is – alternatives and solutions exist for many of the behaviors, health concerns, and time constraints that generally lead folks to consider surrendering their pet. Your pet is a member of your family and you owe it to them to exhaust all other means before deciding to give them up. Their life is very much in your hands.

Before you make the decision to surrender your pet, we encourage you to read, “Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?” On these pages, you will hopefully find some advice and piece of mind to help you keep your cat or dog. There is also a lot of information for those who would never dream of giving up their pet, but just need some advice on basic pet problems. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you may be very surprised at what you read…

How to Surrender

If you have read this far and feel that you have no other choice but to surrender your pet to a rescue, Desert Paws NM may be able to help. However, please note that we work with abandoned and surrendered animals from three Pueblos and therefore rarely have room for more due to lack of enthusiasm and commitment in New Mexico communities for fostering.

All pets under consideration by Desert Paws NM are evaluated for temperament and current health status. In most circumstances we require that the pet have a full recent veterinary exam (within 14 days prior to submitting the surrender application) and be current on all vaccinations, be spayed or neutered and if a dog, be on heartworm preventative. Cats should be leukemia and FIV negative and dogs should be heartworm negative. There is a min $150.00 surrender fee.

Surrender Information Form

Complete and submit the Desert Paws online surrender information form. You will be asked to provide photographs at the end of this form; please provide the best possible quality, with full view of the pet as well as a frontal face. Your surrender information will not be considered until adequate photographs have been provided to the team for review. This form is only the first step in the process of having your pet considered by our Incoming Team and is NOT a commitment from Desert Paws to accept your pet into our rescue program. The surrender process can take SEVERAL WEEKS, and generally will NOT happen “overnight”.

Please note:

We do not accept vicious or dangerous pets. Nor do we accept dogs that have bitten humans or other dogs.


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