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501c3 non-profit animal rescue

Desert Paws Inc Animal Rescue of New Mexico is a foster-based, 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer rescue organization since 2009. In 2012  we changed our mission from that of rescuing from the overcrowded high-kill shelters of southern New Mexic to an open door admission for abandoned, homeless, unwanted and injured dogs and cats from the Pueblo de Cochiti Indian reservation  A few years later, we added the animals of San Felipe Pueblo. We have a very successful working relationship with these governments and over the years have made many friends with tribal members we have worked with in helping tribal animals. We also continue to help tribal members' pets of the Santo Domingo reservation and admit unwanted cats and dogs from this tribe as well.


We are all volunteer, foster-based and we have a holding kennel at the Cochiti Pueblo which our organization maintains. We are a place of hope and transition for homeless tribal animals in need of help and refuge and who otherwise would perish: the abandoned, the abused, the sick, mamma's and their litters, the old, the very young, and the suffering. We rehab and re-home rez cats and dogs, we attend to veterinary emergencies 24/7 such as hit-by-cars, wounded and bitten animals, fatal tick diseases, and starvation. With our help, hundreds of animals received life-saving surgeries who otherwise would have been destroyed due to non-existent veterinary services or unavailable funds. 


We have a spay/neuter program called Door2Door where we assist tribal member's pets with spay/neuter surgeries. We physically pick their pets up from their homes, transport to our veterinarians, and bring them back to their homes. With this program we've spayed and neutered thousands of animals throughout the years, helping curb the great overpopulation.


We organize yearly vaccination clinics and educational programs. We have prioritized over the years, the things MOST needed on reservations in New Mexico  -- mainly, emergency and preventive veterinary care, rehab, education, vaccines, tick prevention and education on spay/neuter. 


We love partnering to accomplish big goals. We are creative entrepreneurs and we think out-of-the-box! We worked through Covid, helping animals despite all the dangers. Join or sponsor us in helping the many animals in need on these 3 reservations! With your continued support we are able to continue helping these animals in need and create more programs to better the living situations for animals on reservations.

Team DesertPawsNM

Desert Paws, Inc Animal Rescue of New Mexico.

EIN# 27-1097015

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