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Adoption Process

Cats & Dogs

Cat and Dog

You'd like to adopt a cat or dog?


Here's how the process works:


Step 1

Step 2

Email us to see if the pet you're interested in is still available. If he/she is available, we'll send you the link to the appropriate application.

Please fill out the online application completely. Assuming our adoption team feels there might be a match, our volunteers will begin contacting your personal and veterinarian references. Once replies have been returned (it often happens very quickly if you alert your vet and references prior) we will email stating that we'd like to speak with you and receive your pictures or video. During the phone/zoom call we can answer any other questions you have and you can fill us in on any other questions we have. We'll set up a time/date to bring the pet to your home and meet you and members of your household, including your fur babies :-)

Step 3


DOGS - we will have humans meet the dog first, then intro new dog and current dog(s) in a neutral location such as the street, and parallel walk the dogs until it appears they are comfortable. Then we will progress to the backyard (please remove all food/toys from yard and house for intro's). Then progress inside. Please note that we are fully vaccinated and boostered and will be masked.....if there are current covid surges etc, we will not be coming into the house. Given that some of us have family members that are elderly and/or immuno-compromised, we ask that you are masked as well.

CATS - you should have a guest room pre-set up for the new cat equipped with food, water, beds, toys, treehouses, litter, etc. Please note the covid procedures listed above in the dog section. The new cat will be in a crate and you will bring him/her to your guest room (your current cat should NOT be in the guestroom). You're welcome to spend as much time as you'd like with the new cat in your room. We have plenty of work to do and we can wait in the car, on the patio, or if covid cases are down -- inside.....that's up to you. Please take this quiet time to get to know your new cat. Please remember that the cat may be very scared of the new surroundings, situation, smells, etc so he/she may simply run under the bed.

Adoption Fees:

Adult Dogs usually $200, there can be exceptions.

Puppies: usually $250, there can be exceptions

Adult Cats: usually $100, there can be exceptions.

Kittens: $125, there can be exceptions

Adult Dogs: included in the adoption fee are spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, parvo/distemper vaccine, microchip, deworming, 4Dx testing.

Puppies: included in the adoption fee are spay/neuter, rabies vaccine (when old enough), parvo/distermper vaccine series, microchip, deworming.

Adult Cats: included in the adoption fee are spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, panleuk/cali vaccine, microchip, Felv/Fiv testing deworming.

Kittens: included in the adoption fee are spay/neuter, rabies (when old enough), panleuk/cali vaccine series, microchip, deworming. 

Please note that we are not obligated to adopt an animal to anyone. We are not first-come first-serve......we are instead "best match". You must be 25 to adopt and please if you are over 62 consider adopting an older pet. We prefer to stay in touch after adoption - even just a quick pic and update once a year are terrific. If for some unforseen reason in the future, you are unable to care for the pet you've adoption from us, please notify us so we can properly screen and rehome the pet. If you return the pet to us during the first two weeks after adoption, we will refund the adoption fee. We do not participate in "foster to adopt"

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