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Adoption Procedues

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Adoption Procedures

Adoption Fees include spaying/neutering, vaccines, deworming, testing (over 6 months of age), and microchip.


Email us so we can introduce each other and find out if the animal you're interested in is available -> fill out the application -> if approved, we set up a zoom or phone call to answer any questions and set up a time for the meetgreet/home visit (we bring the animal to you so you can spend time in your home setting with your family and current pets) -> adoption -> follow up 

The more detailed version:


Revised adoption procedures - due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, we've revised our adoption procedures. First, please drop us a quick email to inquire if the pet is still available before you fill out the online application. 

We're unable to bring more than 2 animals to your home to choose. Please only inquire if you're serious about adopting this particular animal. If you're just shopping around with several shelters and rescues, please let us know this.

If you're application is approved (which "could" take up to one week) then we will contact you to set up a Zoom chat or phone call to answer questions/clarify anything and set up a day/time to bring the pet to you.

Since we can't come into the home due to Covid-19, we ask that you send us pics/video of your home/yard/living area/current pets.

We will discuss with you about meeting your other pets. At the meeting/adoption at your house (outside) please wear a mask (as will we) and keep to a properly distanced social distance.

Cats/kittens are not adequate sole playmates for a young puppy. Puppies are not adequate playmates for older/senior dogs (8-10+ years old). Puppies are very energetic, have no boundaries, and are annoying to a degree, so they need to be matched with similar younger playful friendly dogs.

We adopt locally to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, White Rock and Rio Rancho areas. No out of area adoption inquiries please. Young animals need to adopt to families that have another friendly dog/cat.

The animals are fostered and our foster families like to know their foster pets are happy, healthy and cared for during their lifetime. We appreciate staying in touch periodically (just a pic, holiday card, social media, pics/videos etc will make our work worthwhile :-)

Our volunteers and adoption board are working diligently during these unusual 'pandemic times' to match families and forever pets. Our workload on the reservations during the pandemic has increased dramatically! So many emergencies, so many sad cases. These emergencies take a large portion of our day to attend to. We try to attend to every application within a reasonable time frame. Please note that our priority is to attend to the emergencies at hand, therefore, any arrangements for phone interview or meetgreets are subject to change. We apologize for this. Please remember that the animal you'd like to adopt today may have come into our rescue in an emergency situation and because we dropped everything to step in and save their life, he/she is now happy, safe and ready for adoption for you :-)

For the day/weekend/evening you're planning to adopt - please postpone your dinner reservations, parties, and trips. To get to know and bond with your newly adopted pet, your PET should take first priority for the first few weeks.

If you email us with questions that are already answered here or fill out an application that does not fit the parameters of our procedures we will not be replying to you. Thank you for your understanding on this!

Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you and having another furbaby united with a furever family!


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