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It takes one person to abandon an animal.
It takes a community to get that pet adopted.

Desert Paws is a New Mexico non-profit, no-kill animal rescue and adoption service. We foster pets who are abandoned or are at risk of being killed at local animal shelters. We also work with families to KEEP their family pets. If a pet must be re-homed due to death/illness of owner, we help re-home the pet and avoid shelter placement. We believe in the no-kill concept. We are an all-volunteer organization and 100% of your donations go towards pet food and medical care.

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Please Note

December 12, 2014

Desert Paws T shirt We have NO INTAKE for the rest of the year. Foster families and volunteers are few during the holidays. We are still processing adoption applications, but at a slower pace (we do work full time at real jobs and businesses in addition to making things run smoothly at the rescue), so we thank you for your patience :-)


August 3, 2014



1) ADOPTION EVENTS in Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Albuquerque;

2) Foster and/or DAYCARE and/or NIGHTCARE cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.

3) Help recruit FOSTER HOMES for cats and dogs.

4) Help TRANSPORT animals to and from foster homes, daycare, veterinary visits, dog training classes;

5) Help promote and maintain on a regular basis – publicize rescue operations via SOCIAL MEDIA  and DIGITAL MEDIA for:  the Desert Paws NM WEBSITENEWSLETTER, FACEBOOK page, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, PINTEREST, GRIDJUNGLE, etc.

6) FINANCIAL HELP with the animals’ medical expenses -  “Support A Specific Pet 


Volunteers’ tasks will be matched to their interests and expertise. Much of the work can be done on-line and/or in Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Albqurque.


Have a school project involving animals?  Help us help the animals – maybe we can help you get credit for your work! 




Phone/Text: 301.697.9885 or  505.702.9396



We would like to wholeheartedly thank the Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter who sponsored us with a grant at the end of the year. Funds were allocated to pay off some veterinary bills and also to begin the foundation layout of our new Pets for Seniors program.

Without generous donations like this, our organization would have to delay special programs and fall behind financially due to the great need in our area to help injured animals.

Friends of the Shelter is also assisting us with spay and neuter vouchers to deeply reduce our cost on each animal we prepare for adoption.

Thank You very much LAFOS for your grant and continuing support !

Our little Casey, the puppy that came to us with two broken legs,  is now ready for adoption! And he’s famous now too – People Magazine did an online feature of him: 

Casey on grass

Cast is off, he’s running around, in full puppy mode!

Many, many thanks to all who’ve supported him through these past few months while he recovers.
If you’re interested in adopting Casey, please email or call/text us  505-702-9396

Limited Intake

April 8, 2014

We are currently on limited intake – meaning that our foster families are full and until we either find forever homes for the pets in our care or new volunteers offer to foster, we will not be able to take in any other animals. Animal rescues depend on foster families to save lives. Please consider fostering to save a life.

If you are considering surrendering an animal and your pet has gone through our process and approved, you will need to foster the pet until we have room or we’ve found a suitable home. Your pet may be on a waiting list.

There are so many animals in need – rescue from euthanasia lists at shelters, strays with medical needs, and surrenders due to elderly caregivers – we need good families/people to foster. It’s a very rewarding and enjoyable job! You don’t need a pet to foster. Please email/call/text us to start.

Today’s the day! Grab your coffee and JEWELRY and head on down to MAKE the CUT hair salon (1400 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe from 10am-2pm) for a relaxing fun day. Meet ABBY one of our recue dogs for adoption! Gold Does Good is offering a Gold BUY-BACK event today. Carolyn will give YOU a check for your gold, silver and platinum TODAY and at

meet Abby today from 10am-2pm

meet Abby today from 10am-2pm

Gold Does Good save the date the end of the day, she’ll give Desert Paws 12.5% to help the animals at our rescue. These are funds we SO need to help feed, medicate, vaccinate and spay/neuter the cats and dogs in our care awaiting adoption. So come on down, say HI - it’ll be a blast ! Thank you for supporting Desert Paws :-)

January 31, 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You - You have all shared like wildfire… and it worked !!!  Jesse has been returned home :-) Thank you everyone, for your sharing and posting and we couldn’t have done this without you! He’s home!Jesse 2012

Adoption Events

Teca Tu (Santa Fe’s Sambusco mall) 1st Sunday of every month from noon to 3pm.

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