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Donate to the rescue 

Through our work over the last 12 years we have saved and helped thousands of animals in need on the three reservations we work with -  could you help us save more?


We give the animals the vital life-saving tools they need from the funds donated and raised. Things like food, emergency veterinary care, vaccines, spay/neuter, blankets, toys, friendships, safety, and kindness. We are not municipally funded nor do we draw a salary. We are all-volunteer and rely on our tremendous individual donors. This is our lifeline. This is their lifeline. Its the difference between their death or a new promising life.

Types of donations that have been offered:

One-time donations

Monthly donations

Matching funds

Food donations

Gift cards

Winter prep donations

donations in lieu of flowers (funerals)


Stocks, bonds, estate donations

Crypto currency


Lets'work together to help more animals in need on the reservations!

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